sábado, 10 de enero de 2009

Eleanor Rigby

All the lonely people, where do they all come from? (Not feeling lonely, I'm just listening to Eleanor Rigby play the cello).
This will lack of much sense, as everything else around here. The truth is I only wanted to hear the sound the keyboard makes when I type, so writing a blog about nothing is just an excuse... so excuse me, seems to be I always need an excuse for writing. Or maybe not an excuse, but a justification, and then again, why do I need to justify anything. I certainly know I don't have to, although sometimes it feels like I do. No, no justifications needed, just freedom, and the certainty of knowing that, in the end, I can do whatever the hell I want.
While on the subject of 'doing whatever the hell you want', I saw a movie, a couple of days ago, about a guy that did 'whatever the hell he wanted', and then ended up dead. But that was just negligence for starving to death and doing 'whatever the hell he wanted'.
So, does the philosophy "It's your life, do whatever you want with it" really work? Or is it half truth, half a lie. It sounds like a very romantic idea, but how do you do that? Do you really not care what everyone says or does to you, or for you? Does taking council count? Or does it require not having thoughts of others in you mind, just your own? Do you give everything up and change your way of living? Or do you just enhance and exaggerate your way of life? Does it require yourself to go against the system (school, teachers, work, hierarchy, God, everyone) or does it mean you have to follow society rules? You know, be born, grow old, have a degree, get an office job, and all that jazz. I sometimes hear quite a lot that God has this plan for everyone, and I've always wondered how he keeps up with it... then i proceed to imagine Him sitting in a movie theater, with every seat taken, popcorn in hand and all, watching us up in the big screen. We're appearing in this major motion picture.
My belief is all movies are comedies, black comedies, light comedies, romantic comedies, bad comedies, but comedies non the less. I think there is such irony in our lives, that it is inevitable for us to laugh, for God to laugh, for anyone and everyone to laugh (everything is more bearable that way).Irony. Life is ironic, no doubt about it. It never fails to be so.

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Roxy Foxy dijo...

Loved the part of your belief... black comedy, romantic comedy.... hahahahah I'm waiting were the romantic part of my movie starts because right now it has only been a comedy or more like a chick flick LOL

love you froggy...