sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

Morrison pa'la fiebre de sábado por la noche dentro de una semana astral.

Astral Weeks (1968)
Van Morrison
Astral Weeks, insofar as it can be pinned down, is a record about people stunned by life, completely overwhelmed, stalled in their skins, their ages and selves paralyzed by the enormity of what in one moment of vision they can comprehend.  It is a precious and terrible gift, born of a terrible truth, because what they see is both infinitely beautiful and terminally horrifying: the unlimited human ability to create or destroy, according to whim.  It’s no Eastern mystic or psychedelic vision of the emerald beyond, nor is it some Baudelairean perception of the beauty of sleaze and grotesquerie.  Maybe what it boils down to is one moment’s knowledge of the miracle of life, with its inevitable concomitant, a vertiginous glimpse of the capacity to be hurt, and the capacity to inflict that hurt.
- Lester Bangs.
(Él lo ha dicho mejor que nadie, por lo que me he tomado la libertad de tomar prestadas sus bellísimas palabras sobre un álbum sin igual... álbum que debe estar en el canon de cualquiera que se dice amar la música). 

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